Oxford Pennant "Get Lost" Pin (Lost Lust Supply)

Oxford Pennant "Get Lost" Pin

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  • Oxford Pennant "Get Lost" Pin

    Whether it's camping this weekend or next summer's road trip, we hope you Get Lost and find your way home again. Nothing is better for the mind and heart than vacation time well spent. Go on - Get Lost already.

    Part of our collaboration series with Oxford Pennant, designed by Charlie Wagers.

    1.8" x 0.65" custom die-cast, hard-enamel pin with two rubber-clutch backers. Comes with custom backing-card.

    Lost Lust Supply is the brainchild of Brian and Charlie; two Americans, close friends and colleagues who together pull over two decades in the merchandise and entertainment industries. Both carrying a strong passion for physical objects and beautiful art, Lost Lust is a side-project and creative outlet which allows them to make fun, practical objects without client bounds or restrictive deadlines.