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To beard or not to beard..

Ok, so either your mates are currently with growth or you are sick of people telling you that you have a ‘baby face’ and get carded wherever you go. Whatever it is there are a few things you have to consider before you start your growth path.

1: Can you actually grow a beard? Well having a patchy face isn’t going to cut it. You can’t fill the empty spaces. So if it’s not going to happen now, perhaps it never will. And you can’t fill the space like girls fill in their eyebrows.

2: the growth stages. Ok when you begin there will be a lot of issues along the way. Itchiness, flaking, getting used to trying to eat without making a mess, not ending up like Homer Simpson with birds nesting in his beard.. You kinda need to just let it go wild to get the growth to begin with. The best thing you can do is keep it clean, have a spotter keep an eye on you whilst eating until you get used to it (no one wants to go near a filthy sauce filled face).

3: For god’s sake trim it! Beards need shaping. Go to a professional first, Learn the tricks. Either keep going back on the reg or learn how to do it yourself to save some coin. Either way it needs to stay neat and tidy. And depending on your profession highly manicured may be important.

4: A great quality beard oil. It will be your saviour for conditioning and smelling fucking amazing. We stock a couple rad brands so don't forget to check our stock of Melbourne Beard Oil and Burly Fellow (click here)

5: When you’re in the growing stage opinion counts. Ask people what they think. Sometimes you might think it looks rad but then it actually makes you look like a creep.

6: Your fashion sense. Yes, ok its important with or without beard. Your style may have to change. Or it may not. But I find everyone seems to adapt to the lumberjack style…..

7: You may need to reconsider that hair style. Yes this is actually important! Sometimes your current hair cut won’t work with your beard. And I am not saying that you should all go man bun, but you still have to keep your hair neat and tidy or you’ll start to look like Tom Hanks

Ok so there seems to be a lot of factors to take into account, but why not give it a go. I mean it's only hair. It's not permanent so you can always shave it off.

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