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How to NOT kill your indoor plants

Updated: May 26, 2019

We’re on a plant kick recently. Maybe that’s because it’s near time to enjoy plants indoors rather than outdoors? Here are the best ways not to kill your plant and even if it’s near indestructible to begin with.

1. Purchase plants that do well indoors. Look for plants that prefer indirect sunlight and don't require a lot of watering.

2. Choose the right pot for your plant. For those that require more moisture, plastic can help retain water. Clay pots are porous so they're a good bet if you are a nervous waterer.

3. To make sure you aren't over- or under-watering your plants, set a day (or two) each week to water your plants.

4. If you can't handle the enormous responsibility of watering your own plants, use a self-watering pot.

5. Yes, in fact, you can compost indoors! Anything from coffee grinds to vegetable peels can be tossed into your soil as a yummy snack for your plant.

6. Clean dusty leaves using soap, water, and a bit of mayo.

7. In this case, one bad leaf actually does spoil the bunch. Use sharp scissors to cut dead or damaged leaves at the root.

8. If your plant isn't looking so hot, the shape and colouring of the leaves can give you a hint of what your plant needs.

9. Position your plant next to a south-facing window so that it receives as much light as possible.

10. That means that if you are super committed to growing a bunch of succulents in your windowless bedroom, you're going to have to consider using an artificial light.

11. Rotate your indoor plant regularly to assure that it receives light from all sides, or else you'll have an awkward lopsided plant that is craning toward the light.

12. Practice your newfound gardening skills on your kitchen leftovers by regrowing leafy greens from the roots.

13. If you just can't manage to keep living plants, well, living, take cuttings from your backyard or a few branches from your favourite florist and display them in creative ways.

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