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Tailored Spirits by the Archie Rose Distilling Co.

For those who've ever looked at a bottle of their favourite poison and wondered if they could do it better, the Archie Rose Distilling Co. is giving you the chance to find out.

The award-winning distillery and bar in Rosebery, Sydney has digitally opened up to the public, allowing you to design your own spirits online according to your precise specifications, right down to your name on the bottle.

Crafting your own vodka or gin begins here, where you as a would-be distiller can choose up to five Archie Rose signature botanical distillates for your vodka or dry gin, and adjust the intensity each to create your own unique flavour.

For the whisky lovers, both single malt and rye, Archie Rose has something even more special to offer: not only will you design its flavour, but you and four friends can physically assist in its making.

You'll choose between a custom-made 20L, 50L or 100L cask of New American Oak, French Oak, Ex-Bourbon, Ex-Port or Ex-Sherry, and then decide on your desired smokiness from a choice of peated or wood-smoked malts, amongst others.

Your name is then stencilled onto your cask, before the Archie Rose Production Manager and Head Distiller take over the maturation process and display your creation in the distillery's bar rack until it's ready.

But fear not, you'll receive a 200ml sample each year to sample your whisky as it matures. And if the separation anxiety ever gets too much, a tasting can be made anytime by appointment.

You'll also control when to bottle your whisky based upon alcohol by volume and maturation of flavour. Each bottle will include batch details and your name on the label. Six will be presented in a handmade, wooden Archie Rose crate with full brewing and distillation notes, a bottle of filtered water used in the production of the whisky and two Glencairn glasses with which to better your enjoyment. The remaining bottles will be packed in Archie Rose cases, and you can even keep your empty cask.

Prices start at $84 for Tailored Vodka, $89 for Tailored Gin and $4,000 for a 20L cask of Tailored Whisky. Sound good? We thought so too.

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