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Creating A Gentlemen's Pad

There is big difference between a man space with basic necessities and a stylish bachelor pad. It's that extra thought, layers of products and impressive pieces that turn your house into an impressive home - one that you enjoy spending time in and want to show off to your friends.


If you have no idea about colour, the key is to keep things simple, so you can't possibly mess it up. Stick to the classic monochrome - white, black and grey. Instead of experimenting with colours, experiment with textures, in sofas, rugs, cushions, timber and glass.


This is the most overlooked category when men shop for their humble abode. From a woman's perspective and I know most women agree, we love lamps. It is instant ambience in a room. So if you don't have at least one lamp in both your living room and bedroom, buy some immediately. Ceiling lights alone are never enough.


Without a doubt, every man space needs a masculine armchair. It's a statement piece that instantly creates a grown up living room. It could be fabric or leather (whichever suits your preference and budget), just be sure to sit in it before you buy it. There's no point having a great armchair that you're not comfortable in!


This is mandatory and don't scrimp on it. Buy the best sheets you can afford. You'll not only have a great nights sleep in your new sanctuary, but your bed will look great and your guests will be impressed. The same goes for bath towels.


Artifacts add a level of sophistication to empty rooms and empty walls. Without them, spaces lack personality. Your bachelor pad should reflect you - your personality, lifestyle, travels....If you're unsure about art work, stick to black and white photography. As for the other collectibles, display some of your travel purchases if you have any, and start a coffee book collection of subjects that interest you.


Think stereo typical bachelor pad: A black leather lounge, recliners, furniture that comes in sets, neon signs, remote controls that close curtains, red (unless you are confident that you know how to incorporate it), a ridiculously sized TV and shagpile rugs.

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